Hydrangea.macrophylla which grows naturally in Jogasaki-coast

Colorful Hydrangea.macrophylla is growing naturally in Jogasaki-coast on the Izu-peninnsula east side.
The color is vivid and has many varieties.
The flower has changes very much in the size and shape.

Please see a picture of the indigenous place.

Mophead with stripe and serrate.
A mutant of No.711.
This flower was only one in many flowers of mophead's shrub.

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The Hydrangea macrophylla in Jogasaki coast


This flower is on several-meter mountain side from the mophead bloom of the right, and blooms thickly in round shape.


The flowers are blue and light pink. Start of blooming, blue => second half light pink.


Double sepals.
Mother plant.


Do you see the sea in the upper right of the photograph? It blooms on the vertical cliff .

Stripe & many ray-flowers

It is stripe bloom though doesn't understand in the photograph. It stands out because it is round and many ray- flowers.

Round shape

There is variously shape of the sepal in here. Small, round, wavy, serrated etc.

With a hint of darker center

The color from the root to the point of the sepals is deep, and both ends are light.

In the last stage of flowering

It blooms first in blue. And, a red pattern enters the center about to end.


An energetic flower mixes by as many as four sepals though these flowers are all three sepals.

Spoon shape

The sepals are incurvated, and the points curves outside.

Deep color surroundings of eyes

Only eyes and center in sepals are deep color.


The sepal is partially irregularly shaped

Large sepals

This flower is bluish pink and a bright impression. The edge of the sepals curves internally.

Serrate sepals

Here, most of the serrated bloom is a large flower. However, this flower was a
middle size.


This is small sepals, but has many stripe.

Many ray-flowers

This puts up the ray-flowers twice or more.

Large and small ray-flower

The energetic flower puts up from 1 place to 3 flowers.

5 & 6sepals

Six sepals mix.

Serrate sepals

The outside of sepals become light color latter.


Mopehead with movement. Do it bloom also in the garden like this?

With purple center

The center of sepals becomes a deep color, and it is colorful.

Blue stripe

Most stripe blooms include white stripes. However, this flower includes the blue color stripes.

Mophead No.805

Mophead on several-meter sea side from Yamatoajisai.

Mophead with stripe

Mophead with stripe,serrate sepals,mutant of No.711.

With darker center

A surrounding color of sepals thins later.

Single to half-double

Half-double bloomed partially of a large plant. One hydrangea that looks like is in the different place.

Small sepals

Small, lovely flower.

Many Ray-flowers

The flowerheads have many ray-flower, sometime 16 or more.

The place of grouth of"Izu-no-hana"

Placed between the trunk of a lower right. The nearby pine dies last year, and the sun often tries there (July, 2007).

Inside in grobe by coast

Here is the grobe of the evergreen on the rock. The hydrangea grows up if the sun shines here.

A view of the island behind the hydrangea

Oshima- island is seen behind the hydrangea.

H.macrophylla that blooms on waterfall

Flowering on the rock and under the tree though it doesn't see in the photograph.

While it's a cliff.

The growth of the hydrangea of the cliff for the southeast of the place where the large tree grows thick is good up. It is not easy to dry without getting the afternoon sun.

First flowering from big rock

I came into leaf from a thin crack of a rock and bloomed finally.

The first floweringAMophead

The rock with this plant was a treasure box of the mophead bloom. Three mophead blooms were in blossom in this rock of about one person's being able to get on. (June,2006 & july,2007)

First flowering

The hydrangea that germinated from the stone made the first flower.

H.m & Lilium maculatum

The rear is a height cliff. A left stone might have fallen on.

H.macrophylla & Hemerocallis

Hemerocallis fulva var.littorea

H.macrophylla & Lilium.auratum

The Lilium.auratum is not in the coast usually.

H.m & Lilium maculatum

The under of woods on beach.

H.macrophylla and Hemerocallis

It saw from the stroll road.

Under the cliff

It bloomed under the cliff.


It looked up from the coast.


It bloomed along the stroll road.

Certain parking

Here is lined with the big plants because it is a well-lighted area.

The bottom in a valley

Because Jogasaki-coast is a coast of the ria shoreline type, it is geographical features of the repetition of the cape and the valley. A lot of hydrangeas grow naturally in the valley that the day inserts.

Side of stroll road

It bloomed sideward of the road where a lot of tourists walked on holiday. The sea side of the road is a beach of the boulder.

Hydrangea that blooms on beach of stone

The hydrangea is seen well in the boundary from the beach@with a big and small stone to the valley .

Mophead No.711

A lot of flowers bloom every year. There are mopheads of five stocks around this plant. It was more before, and a small stock has withered.

Under the cliff

It bloomed between the boulder and the cliff in the coast.

White flower on cliff

A white flower is in blossom at the center of the cliff. The branch cannot be taken because it is dangerous.

On cliff

It is very beautiful scenery because it blooms in one cliff.

On the rock of cliff

A big plant was in blossom on the rock that project from the cliff.

Fiest flower with stripe

The hydrangea with stripe sepals come out buds from the space of the rock, and made the first flower bloom.

Inside in woods

In woods where mixed with deciduous and evergreen tree in rock that projects to sea.

Valley in coast

The hydrangea was in blossom on both sides of the valley contiguous to the sea.

The Hydrangea macrophylla which could be seen at Jogasaki coast

Serrated edges
White flower
Three sepals
The ornamental sepal is from small to large
Petals of various shape etc.

Wild mophead

Hydrangea that has disappeared from natural growth ground

The large pine trees reseived a lot of damage of the insect in Jogasaki-coast, and many pine trees have died. The hydrangea is sunny and grows up energetically in the beginning. However, an evergreen tree greatly grows thick and it covers on that. Next, the hydrangea in the shade dies and the group in the valley is disappearing. When I entered such a valley, "Yamato-ajisai" was in blossom of a lot of flowers to be high on the head. It disappears with other hydrangeas now, and the hydrangea is slightly survived in a dim valley though it was such a state 15 years ago. H.macrophilla"Jogasaki"grew naturally bottom of a small valley that entered slightly from the pavement. I was not able to see "Jogasaki" in the darkening place last year. (June, 2004)

Place where H.macrophylla"Jogasaki" grew naturally in 1990's

This plant grew up in height that exceeded two meters in 1990's. A fat withering stalk at the center is the one when it is large. It has become a weak plant only of standing up of a thin stalk diagonally now. Similarly, it grows up by looking up in the vicinity, and the Yamato-ajisai(mophead) in blossom like the arch cannot be seen now. I trimmed a surrounding grass for this tree in 2006 and a tree branch were cut even in 2007.

The plant by which mophead blooming failed

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