Hydrangea collection 'Flower garden of Izu-kogen'

Surroundings of Omosiro-hakubutukan <Jogasaki cultural museum > are the vegetable fields, orchards, and a lot of plants, herbs, flowering trees. Hydrangeas are planted on the street and a lot of flowers have been in blossom every year. You can enjoy the hydrangea that was born in Jogasaki-coast including "Jogasaki".

Flowers of Hydrangea macrophylla found in Jogasaki-coast

Hydrangea macrophylla f. normalis along roads
There is a hydrangeas that grows naturally in Izu on a road surrounding in the garden.
Museum road
Hydrangea macropyylla of Jogasaki-coast planted 20 years ago grows up higher than the back.
Jogasaki, Yamato-ajisai, white flower, serrated and multi flowers.
I newly planted shamrock and stripe bloom, etc. this year(2009).
Lover's road
The hydrangeas that grows naturally in South-izu is planted a few here.
Large flower, lovely small flower, a half duble, white flower, etc.
I want to enhance here since now.
Yanmo-bridge road
Hydrangea macropyylla that had been planted in the coppice along the road several years ago came to bloom.
It will become nicer-looking next year because I plant the hydrangea this year(2009). Here is a good place under the big oaks.
White flower, Yamato hydrangea, stripe bloom, and serrated bloom, etc.
Other places
Hydrangea of Jogasaki-coast and Ito-city planted ten years or more ago.
Kind of the middle of Hydrangea macropyylla and Hydrangea serrata of Izu-kogen.
Iso-bue, stripe bloom and H. macropyylla of Izu islands, etc.

Hydrangea collection that blooms in my collection field
The road of the hydrangea is made to see while wandering the field, and Hydrangea macropyylla of Jogasaki-coast, H. macropyylla & H. serrata of South-izu, and Hydrangea serrata of Japan are planted in the both sides. I think that they grow up greatly in 2 or 3 years(2009).

Especially, h.macrophylla in Jogasaki-coast is seen a lot of changes that the blooms of mophead, seratted blooms and double ray-flowers, etc.in several kilos, that have been examined up to now, and has a very variegated expression.

The hydrangea in Minamiizu is one peculiar group in this mysterious area.
A special hydrangea has been born in natural environment which H.macrophylla and H.serrata can live together.
Here, there are a good flowers for the large & many ray-flowers by the coast.
However, complete mophead bloom and double ray-flower have been not seen yet.

Mophead No.712

It is blue, turning pink.
Large flower-head of about 20cm in the diameter is seen in various colors.

Mophead No.712

It has changed into the pink in the field though it was a pink color in the coast.

Many florets No.7f14

The flowerheads have many frorets, sometimes double sepals.

White to red

The sepals are white, turning pink to red in a sunny spot.

pink color? No.701

The sepals are pink in the coast and deep pink in my field.

Many florets

About 16 ray-flowers, a big flowerhead, a deep color in South-izu.

Curve internally.

The sepals curve internally.

Mophead No.713

Do you see three buds?
It seems to be able to enjoy a long period. (June 25, 2009)

Serrated bloom No.13

Red and blue mixed with one sepal in my field.

Serrated bloom No.7f02

serrated blooms of large ray-flowers.

Iso no taki

Conspicuous flowers with white stripes all over the sepals.


Sepals large with white stripes and spots.

Irregular Mophead No.710

The flower form is disorderly.

Many florets

It blooms as two flowers queue up because one stalk divides into two.
The flowerheads have many frorets, sometimes double sepals.

Dark blue, round sepals No.709

It bloomed in the same color as the coast.

Mophead with eyes No.714

Eyes are accents.
It bloomed in the tightened form from other mopheads.

Many florets No.718

The ray-flowers are arranged in a single ring, sometimes a double ring.

Small blooms No.703

Because the flower blooms all over, even a small flower is beautiful.

Hydrangea serrata var.amagiana

It is grown in the field.

Dark violet branch
mutant of H.macrophylla

Dark black branch.
Color of the flower doesn't change.

Unusual flower type No.720

The fertile flowers are distributed.
The flower-head may measure 23 centimeters or more.

Stripe bloom No.3

It is a stripe bloom that I found first.
This No.3 was blue in the coast.

Mutant of serrated bloom

As for this florets, single sepals mixe with double sepals.

Dark violet branch, stripe bloom. mutant of No.7f15

It is easy to become a black branch.

Stripe bloom No.7F04

It doesn't stand out when blooming in subtle colors though squeezing enters most [gaku] splinters.

Mophead No.710

The flower that blooms late looks small. However, it grows.

Mophead No.713

With stripes slightly.
It doesn't stand out because it is a line of light blue.

White round sepals

It is the white flower of a round sepals in Jogasaki.


White flower with dentate sepals
mutant of white bloom

The sepals changed from entire into dentate.
Red enters this sepals to the end at the flowering season

Hydrangea in this garden
Jogasaki:Double flower of H. macrophylla. It is generally widespread in Japan and the United States etc.
Tetsu Hirasawa discovery
The young plants are sold from the Gotenba farm in Shizuoka Prefecture, and it has spread.
Yamatoajisai (kodaimurasaki:ancient purple):Mophead, It looks like Honajisai grown in old times.
Tetsu Hirasawa discovery and Takeomi yamamoto naming.
Takeomi Yamamoto is a ex-chairman of the hydrangea society in Japan. Researcher about hydrangea, and a lot of books on the hydrangea.
The nursery company started selling in 2009.
Isobue:Double ray-flowers of H.macrophylla,
Tetsu Hirasawa discovery
Tetsu Hirasawa discovery and naming.
Iso no taki:Lacecap with white stripe
Tetsu Hirasawa discovery and naming.
Isoshibuki:Lacecap with white stripe
Tetsu Hirasawa discovery and naming.
The above-mentioned hydrangeas are grown in Japan, United States, and Europe, and introduced to many overseas books on hydrangeas with the photograph excluding Yamatoajisai., Isomando, Iso no taki, Isoshibuki.

Unique hydrangeas in Izu-peninsula

Jogasaki-coast:Jogasaki-coast extends over three villages (Futo, Yawatano and Akazawa).
Irregular stalk of mophead.
Mophead with serrated sepals.
White stripe sepals.
South-izu:H.macrophylla and H.serrata grow naturally, and a lot of middle types of both are seen. There are many large flowerheads like 'Izu-no-sifu', too.
The ray-flower may measure 9.5cm across.
Large, many white ray-flower
The number of sepals varies from a single ring to almost mophead.
Hydrangea serrata var.amagiana:It is widely distributed in the mountain, and there are sweet leaves in west side of the peninsula.
The sepals are white, turning red.

A photograph of two mopheads <Yamato-ajisai and No.711 that looks like 'Rosea'>
Mopheads of jogasaki-coast planted ten years or more ago.

The left side of the photograph is unnamed hydrangea, the right side is a Yamatoajisai.
Are it understood that the right blooms flatly, and left flowers are swollen when the photograph is enlarged?
Left unnamed mophead is a lighter color than Yamatoajisai, and delicate the stalk.
It looks like a little 'rosea' that has been grown for a long time in Japan.                      
The right is a photograph of mophead planted one year ago by three young plants.

Hydrangeas that showed change in this garden
It bloomed in beautiful pink when the young plant was transplanted to the field.
The ray-flowers became large (diameter 6.5cm) like the hydrangea in the West.

The left of photograph: Flower that flowered in the coast
The right of photograph: Flower that flowered in my field
When Jogasaki becomes a large stock, there is a flower that blooms sometimes late.
The left of photograph: Usual flower
The right of the photograph: take a picture of Jogasaki on September 22.

Hydrangea in South-Izu that blooms in this garden
Small flower head with white sepals, a lot of flower head on one branch.
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